Taking a Baby Break – Back Soon!

This will be my last blog post for a while, as very soon I will be going on maternity leave to welcome my second child, Squeaky, into the world. It is only ten months since I came back to work following the birth of my daughter Bubba, ten short months in which I have put a lifelong ambition into practice and become a writer, and yet what a lot has happened in those ten short months!

In ten months I have published a collection of six of my short stories, Mothering and Other Stories, which quickly became an Amazon #10 bestseller* and is available now to download from the Amazon online store. The collection’s title story, Mothering, won first prize in the Darker Times Short Story Competition in October of last year, which was not only an unexpected thrill, but gave a fledgling author such as myself a much-needed boost of confidence.

I attended my first Perth Writers’ Festival in February, and fell in love all over again with writing and reading. I was also delighted to discover that, for a “big country town”, Perth has a vibrant writing scene and some incredibly talented authors. Following on from the festival, I signed up to the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2014 and have to date read five and reviewed three of the six books by Australian female authors I pledged to read and review upon joining the challenge. I look forward to (hopefully) reading more than the six books over the rest of the year, baby- and toddler-permitting, of course.

Leaping headfirst onto the social media bandwagon, I started a blog about writing, which has enabled me to practise writing non-fiction in the form of the commentaries, musings, and book reviews you will find on this site. I also created a website, joined Twitter, and yes, I got myself the ubiquitous Facebook page.

I hope to be back behind my desk before the year is out, however for the next six months or so I will be concentrating all my time and energy into just being Mum. I look forward to catching up with you all soon. Signing off for now,

Natalia Clara14.05.01 On Mat Leave



* #6 in Amazon Bestsellers Rank in Category: Short Stories on 21 April 2014


“Mothering and Other Stories” Has Now Been Published!

I am thrilled to announce that my first short story collection, Mothering and Other Stories, is now available as an e-book from the Amazon Kindle Store.

Cover_1_Mothering_largeFeaturing Mothering, winner of the Darker Times Short Story Competition, as well as five previously unpublished tales, Mothering and Other Stories introduces the reader to a universe not quite our own, and where anything is possible.

A woman joins a sinister mothers’ group where all is not as it seems. Mysterious twins promise to deliver all that your heart desires. Two boys encounter an inexplicable force of nature in the Australian bush. A woman bids farewell to her husband, but what secret is she carrying? A mother’s love for her infant daughter threatens to derail her relationship with her husband. A hapless magician must learn the ropes – and cards, and wand – fast. In this collection of strange and spooky stories, nothing is quite as it initially seems, and nobody is who they appear to be.

I hope that you will enjoy reading the stories in this collection. I value and look forward to receiving all feedback. Happy reading!